Tokenworks Releases Windows Point-of-Sale Age Verification Platform

AgeVisor delivers age verification and lead capture at a lower price point than standalone solutions.

AgeVisor POS ID Scanner

AgeVisor connects to a Windows-based POS via USB and scans IDs from all 50 States

BRONXVILLE, N.Y. – August 27, 2014 – Tokenworks’ new AgeVisor is the latest addition to the company’s line of ID scanners and identity verification devices. AgeVisor combines hardware (a card scanner) with software to couple with an existing point of sale system or PC, to provide a lower-cost system for age verification and customer data collection. In addition to its affordability, AgeVisor integrates a genuine SQL database, a feature that equates to expansive storage capacity and simplified customer relationship management for the end user.

AgeVisor accurately scans the machine-readable data on the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode of any U.S. driver’s license, military ID, and Canadian licenses, and presents the pertinent data through the software application, using clear and intuitive icons for both alcohol and tobacco sales. The pop-up color-coded icons allow the user to quickly assess whether the patron meets particular age requirements. Additionally, AgeVisor automatically saves customer data in a relational database on an existing local PC, boasting higher transaction capabilities than a standalone solution and making data downloads completely unnecessary.

“We consider AgeVisor to be a cost-effective solution for liquor stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, clubs and bars, among others,” says Charles Cagliostro, President of Tokenworks. “AgeVisor’s true SQL database allows its users to actively manage customer relationships, as well as analyze patrons’ visitation patterns”.

Data captured by AgeVisor can be exported to a spreadsheet, from which users can learn about groups of customers (time of visit, frequency of visits, gender breakdown) and create accurate mailing lists. AgeVisor software will capture all the standard information found on government issued identification, as well as keep a visit count for each ID. Additionally, customers can be given custom tags (VIP, banned, for example), and email addresses and phone numbers can be entered.

The compact card scanner requires little to no countertop space, and the software is designed to run in the background of the local POS computer, popping-up only when an ID is scanned. At just $695 for a limited-time, introductory sale, Tokenworks’ AgeVisor provides a reliable, innovative, and low-cost solution for age verification and lead capture.

AgeVisor scan data

AgeVisor scan data can be tagged and exported

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