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IDVisor Smart V2

Our most popular ID scanner for age verification. This handheld and rugged scanner is perfect for quick ID scanning for long lines of customers.

AgeVisor Touch

Perfect for point-of-sale or countertop service. Verify age quickly without disrupting the purchase transaction in your convenience store, liquor store, or bar.


Over 50 forensic checks against a document library of over 6000 authentic IDs and passports. This is the most advanced fake ID detection scanner available.


Save time & money by scanning IDs and filling out forms automatically using our IDFill technology. IDWedgeKB plugs into any PC USB port and is recognized as a keyboard.

More From TokenWorks, Inc.

Mobile-Stationary Age Verification

IDStand provides merchants with a dual-use ID scanner suitable for both countertop and handheld applications

Stationary Age Verification

AgeVisor Touch is the perfect ID scanner for bars or point-of-sale

Mobile Age Verification

For security or servers on the move, IDVisor Smart & IDVisor Smart Plus ensure easy & quick scanning

IDVisor Sync Cloud Networking

We’ve developed the sync technology and provide network host management services to help clients manage their network of handheld and desktop ID scanners.

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