TokenWorks Offers Trade-In Program to Legal Age Security Systems Customers

TokenWorks, one of the few companies with a stationary counter-top age verification scanner, is offering a discounted trade-in program for Legal Age Security Systems clients.

“We understand that looking for a new provider for your age verification needs can be a bit daunting. Legal Age customers can trust us with those needs, as we’ve been in business for over 20 years and only aim to deliver the best products and customer service possible,” said Charles Cagliostro, President/CEO of TokenWorks, Inc. “We wish the former CEO of Legal Age the best as he enters retirement and welcome all Legal Age customers to take advantage in trading in their age verification systems for one of ours at a special discount.”

Our line of ID scanners feature some of the most important features needed in age verification today, including anti-passback to prevent sharing IDs, customer visit counters, customer tagging (VIP/banned/etc.), easy-to-read large and intuitive touch-screen, talking warnings, WiFI or Ethernet connection to CRM, and obvious pop-up warning icons to keep underage customers out.

Several large Legal Age clients have already converted to our system and love the fact that they can network the devices which work with or without an internet connection.  A system scans an ID in less than one second regardless of the internet connection and clients have the ability to control what and how long data is saved.

agevisor touch

Our AgeVisor Touch is preferred to the older Verifone based systems as it’s quicker, more reliable, and easier to use. As a counter-top scanner, it’s ideal for one-handed operation and offers a variety of mounting options, whether it be locked down on a counter or wall. Quick, reliable, and mounted easily within arms reach makes it the perfect scanner for point-of-sale at a liquor store, bar, or convenience store.

For Legal Age clients interested in mobile scanners, TokenWorks also offers the IDVisor Smart and IDVisor Smart Plus. These mobile scanners are more suited for bouncers and servers on the move, as it requires two hands to operate and tends to move around a lot.

AgeVisor Touch, along with the rest of our scanners, is also compatible with IDVisor Sync, a cloud network that can share data between all networked scanners in real-time. This is ideal for bigger businesses with multiple point-of-sale locations that need to stay in contact with each other in order to keep all employees on the same page.

If you’re a Legal Age customer interested in trading in your current scanner for a scanner from our product line, contact us at 914-704-3100 or email us at