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Recycling Facilities

In order to meet various state and local regulations designed to curb the theft of metal, scrap metal yards and recycling facilities are required to document the identity of the individuals attempting to sell materials.

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

Each individual attempting to dump solid waste at a landfill is required to provide a certain amount of information as well. This information also varies by location but usually includes the address of the individual to ensure that they are a town resident and the amount and type of waste because of the limits that exist at each landfill.


TokenWorks has developed a number of products aimed at making it easier for recycling facilities and landfills to collect and document the necessary information. These products allow for customers to be processed quickly and for their data to be saved in the database.

The IDVisor Sentry is a desktop driver’s license scanning software package with the ability to capture drivers licence information, images of the drivers license, images of the cardholder from a webcam, and record transactional details like the type and amount of waste. It  can cross check the drivers license address with a list of approved addressed to ensure the patron is authorized. The system is also capable of automatically filling out any existing external forms, eliminating time consuming manual entry and human error.

The IDVisor Smart ID Scanner extends the functionality of the Sentry to a mobile device while maintaining a customer relationship management database. These integrated features include tracking customer visits, capturing additional customer information like phone and address, and searchable database using simple text queries.

The IDVisor Sync subscription facilitates sharing data from multiple desktop and handheld units.  It is the “back-end” tying all the parts into an integrated solution.


Be ready for all IDs.

The IDVisor Pro reads drivers’ licenses and state IDs from all 50 US states. It also reads Canadian drivers’ licenses and US military IDs. It uses the same barcode scanner currently being deployed in US police cruisers.

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