ID Scanner Solutions

Age Verification & Data Capture.

Tokenworks offers a number of handheld and countertop ID Scanners for age verification and data capture. Quickly capture and verify age, name, date of birth and address from ID cards and drivers’ licenses. Handheld, all-in-one ID Scanners like the IDVisorSmart are typically used by bouncers and store clerks.

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Automatic data entry.

Tokenworks’ IDWedgeBT allows for fast, 100% accurate data entry from ID cards into a computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Grab a prospect’s name, date of birth or address while you make the sales pitch. Swipe a credit card to complete the sale. Store contact details while conducting a field survey.

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We’re here to help.

Tokenworks has a long history of helping customers get the most out of their ID Scanning systems. If you have an application that requires integration with special software or hardware, we’re here to help.

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