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The IDWedgeBT is a portable card scanner that quickly decodes and transmits ID card data into computer applications, smart phone/tablet apps and web forms over a Bluetooth connection. Speed through data entry of driver’s licenses, credit cards, student IDs, loyalty cards and membership cards.

Please specify your Keyboard Code Version when ordering:

  1. HID Bluetooth – Bluetooth Keyboard Interface
  2. USB Keyboard – Plug into MAC/PC/Linux USB port and IDWedgeBT is recognized as a keyboard
  3. SPP Bluetooth – Serial Port Profile. Typically used by Android/Windows Developers


A next-generation Data Entry ID Scanner designed to eliminate hours of data entry by wirelessly transmitting ID card data directly into computer applications, smart phone and tablet apps and web forms.

Built-in parsing software quickly decodes ID card data, and a secure connection wirelessly transmits the data to any mobile or desktop device that accepts a Bluetooth keyboard. This allows phones, tablets, and desktop computers to easily input ID card information into an existing form. As computing hardware options like smart phones and tablets continue to change quickly, the IDWedgeBT provides an adaptable and future-proof tool for rapid data capture.

The IDWedgeBT works out-of-the-box with any smart phone / tablet app, laptop or desktop program or web form that accepts Bluetooth keyboard input. This allows for a wide-range of consumer and business uses, and means that the IDWedgeBT will continue to work if you change your hardware. Many other ID scanner manufacturers rely on third-party products to operate. When a new feature like Apple’s Lightning Connector is released, older products dependent on Apple’s 30-pin dock connector can no longer work with new hardware. The IDWedgeBT works with your existing hardware now and will work with your hardware purchases in the future.



Scan data into electronic forms in retail, healthcare and financial services to quickly and accurately populate forms including:

  • Credit Card Applications
  • Loyalty Card Applications
  • Membership Applications
  • Hotel / Motel Check in (Credit Card and Drivers License)
  • Rental Agreements (Credit Card and drivers license)
  • Bank Account Applications
  • Patient Admittance Forms
  • Visitor Log Books
  • Doctor Office Forms

Police use it to automatically fill in computer forms in squad car. Hotels use it to automatically fill in visitor registration forms. Facilities use it to automatically fill in visitor registration forms. IDWedge saves times, reduces input error and helps detect fake IDs.

IDWedgeBT Quick Start Guide

IDWedgeBT USB Users Guide

IDWedgeBT HID Users Guide

IDWedgeBT SPP Users Guide

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions4.33 x 2.28 x 2.13 in


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