Server Parsing DLL


The TokenWorks ID Cloud Parser is a remotely hosted parsing solution designed to support parsing across multiple applications. Designed to support applications on multiple platforms, it elimi- nates the need to license, deploy and update multiple local pars- ing libraries. Instead, simply update the parsing software on the remote server and all systems are instantly updated. Token- Works hosts the service on a Microsoft Azure server and when regulations dictate more security, the service can be licensed and installed behind a corporations secure firewall.


Product Description

● Supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS,Applications
● Simple to integrate and easy to Update
● Uses TokenWorks Proven ID Parsing DLL software
● Handles all North American Drivers Licenses, State issued IDs, Ontario Health Card, Military IDs
● Tested and used by National Law Enforcement Agencies
● Cloud or optional In-House Server solution.
● Hardware Independent

The service uses a REST API to capture the raw drivers license data and return the parsed fields. Application can be developed in Windows, iOS/Objective C, and Android/Java. The local drivers license data is sent to the remote host and within a tenth of a second, the parsed drivers license data is returned to the application.
The ID Cloud Parser service uses industry leading drivers license parsing software developed and maintained by TokenWorks since 1999. This software is one of the most robust solutions offered in the industry and is used by major corporations and law enforcement agencies across North America.

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