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New REAL ID-Compliant Michigan Driver’s License Issued

Michigan residents are facing regulations requiring them to present REAL ID-compliant ID cards in order to board flights and enter certain federal buildings starting October 1, 2020. Laws requiring REAL ID compliance are currently in effect, but Michigan has been granted an extension.

The new Michigan driver’s license and state ID cards feature a star in the upper corner, easily identifying them as REAL ID compliant:

New Michigan Real ID compliant license

With the lead time provided, current license holders are not required to immediately change their license, but will need to specifically apply for one at license renewal. Failing to do so will result in a license or ID card that is still valid for driving or age-restricted purchases, but will have a “Not for Federal Identification” mark, deeming the card invalid for air travel, federal facilities and military bases.


If Michigan residents have a valid U.S. Passport, or if they have an ‘enhanced license’ featuring an American Flag on the front, these forms of identification pass for REAL ID compliance. Additionally, if residents do not plan to travel by air or enter federal facilities, the conversion will not be necessary for them.

How to Convert to a Michigan REAL ID-Compliant License/ID Card

To acquire a new REAL ID-compliant license, Michigan residents will need to bring a certified copy of their birth certificate (or legal citizenship papers if not born in the US) as well as any legal name change documents to a Secretary of State office in person.


For more information, visit the Michigan Secretary Of State website.