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Atlantic Canadian Driver’s Licenses Get a Security Makeover

With so much focus on the updates to REAL ID-compliant licenses continuing to spread throughout the U.S., we can’t forget our northern neighbors! Canadians from the Atlantic Provinces (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) and are getting an update to their driver’s licenses soon in order to better protect against identity theft, fraud and forgery.

Starting in November, the new ID cards and driver’s licenses will be printed at a central facility that distributes to all four provinces and the new cards will be mailed to applicants within 14 days, according to Nova Scotia’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. You can see a sample of the new Nova Scotia driver’s license and ID cards below:

New Nova Scotia Driver's License Design

New Nova Scotia Driver's License Design

While the new licenses will be available soon, Nova Scotians don’t need to acquire the new license until their current one expires. All residents renewing their license will be given a temporary document until the license arrives from the central facility, and the roll-out will be gradual over the next 5 years as current license-holders’ cards expire.

In an effort to prevent counterfeiting, here are some of the standout features for the new Canadian driver’s licenses and ID cards (see examples in images of the new Prince Edward Island driver’s license design below):

  • Changeable laser image (multiple images can occupy the same area)
  • Polycarbonate, tamper-resistant card material
  • Tactile text via embossing and laser engraving
  • Inventory Control Number and accompanying barcode
  • Black and white photographs
  • Banning wearing glasses in photos
  • Rainbow printing and a maple leaf on the back

New Prince Edward Island Driver's License Design

Prince Edward Island Driver's License Features - Back

Here are previews of new Canadian driver’s license designs for Newfoundland and New Brunswick:

New Newfoundland Canadian Driver's License Design

New Brunswick Canadian Driver's License Design with new Security Features

New Brunswick Canadian Driver's License Design with new Security Features

Visit for more information about the changeover and security features of the new Canadian driver’s licenses.