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    IDWedgeBT Battery Case

    External Battery Case Package for IDWedgeBT ID Scanner

    The External Battery Case Package for IDWedgeBT™ ID Scanner was created for customers who need 24/7 operation. The package consists of a battery case, two external Li-Ion batteries and an external wall charger. With this power option, customers can run approximately 12 hours on one battery while the 2nd battery is charging.

    Shown Below on the right is the IDWedgeBT™ with the external battery case installed. It can be factory installed (for $30) or after market by those with some assembly skill.

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    IDWedgePro Barcode (m280)

    IDWedgePro – Multi Form AutoFiller

    Quickly scan ID card data into multiple computer forms with one swipe!

    The IDWedge®Pro form filler solution scans drivers licenses, ID cards, credit cards and other magnetic striped cards and fills multiple computer forms with information from the card. It automatically recognizes and populates forms in multiple PC applications, allowing different applications to share the same ID scanner. It works with any PC application that accepts keyboard input.

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    IDWedgeBT – Portable Form Filler

    The IDWedgeBT is a portable card scanner that quickly decodes and transmits ID card data into computer applications, smart phone/tablet apps and web forms over a Bluetooth connection. Speed through data entry of driver’s licenses, credit cards, student IDs, loyalty cards and membership cards.

    Please specify your Keyboard Code Version when ordering:

    1. HID Bluetooth – Bluetooth Keyboard Interface
    2. USB Keyboard – Plug into MAC/PC/Linux USB port and IDWedgeBT is recognized as a keyboard
    3. SPP Bluetooth – Serial Port Profile. Typically used by Android/Windows Developers
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    AgeVisor POS ID Scanner

    AgeVisor – POS ID Scanner

    NEW! The AgeVisor™ POS Age Verification System adds an ID Card Scanner to your existing PC-based POS system.

    Connect the AgeVisor™ card scanner to your Windows-based POS / desktop / laptop with the included USB cable. The AgeVisor® software runs in the background and pops up whenever you scan an ID.

    It provides a reliable, low-cost way to verify age, collect customer data and protect your business investment. It is an ideal system for bars, nightclubs, grocery stores and liquor stores – any business with an existing POS system that needs to add a reliable way to verify customer age and manage visitors.

    $795 with new m260 scanner
    $695 with reconditioned m250 scanner* (while supplies last)

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    IDVisor 310

    IDVisor 310 ID Scanner

    The IDVisor 310 ID Scanner offers a streamlined design with a larger touch screen. It incorporates the best ID Scanning technology with the latest CRM features.

    Reconditioned units available. Please call for pricing »

    Existing clients please call for discounts »

    This product has been replaced by the IDVisor Pro »

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    IDVisor Pro

    IDVisor Pro ID Scanner

    Building upon Tokenworks's classic military-grade durability and color-coded alerts, the IDVisor Pro adds a high-performance point-and-shoot style barcode scanner, an integrated high-resolution camera, and a physical keyboard – all combined in a sleek 1.2 in. thin handheld device.

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    Z22 Mobile

    IDVisor Z22 Mobile ID Scanner

    Portable ID Scanner IDVisor Z22 Mobile is a rugged, handheld ID scanner that runs on battery power.

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    Z22 Countertop

    IDVisor Z22 Countertop ID Scanner

    The IDVisor Z22 Countertop ID Scanner is a complete package for Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, Taverns and other locations that need a scanner near the cash register or mounted near the front door.

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    Z22 MSR

    IDVisor Z22 MSR ID Scanner

    Portable ID Scanner IDVisor Z22 MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) is a scaled-down version of our Z22 Mobile product with the 2D Barcode reader removed.

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    IDWedge – Form AutoFiller

    The IDWedge AutoFill Application scans IDs, driver’s licenses from 50 states, all Canadian provinces and Military IDs. It then fills any form on a PC that accepts keyboard input. IDWedge saves times, reduces input error and helps detect fake IDs.

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