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Drivers License News

Atlantic Canadian Driver’s Licenses Get a Security Makeover

New Brunswick Canadian Driver's License Design with new Security Features

With so much focus on the updates to REAL ID-compliant licenses continuing to spread throughout the U.S., we can’t forget our northern neighbors! Canadians from the Atlantic Provinces (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) and are getting an update to their driver’s licenses soon in order to better protect against identity theft,…

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New REAL ID-Compliant Michigan Driver’s License Issued

New Michigan Real ID compliant license

Michigan residents are facing regulations requiring them to present REAL ID-compliant ID cards in order to board flights and enter certain federal buildings starting October 1, 2020. Laws requiring REAL ID compliance are currently in effect, but Michigan has been granted an extension. The new Michigan driver’s license and state ID cards feature a star…

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Florida Rolls out New, More Secure License and ID Today

Florida residents will be enjoying a brand new state ID and driver’s license starting today, August 17, 2017. The new ID cards hold myriad new features, providing stronger fraud protection and clearer identification of cardholder license designations (such as a lifetime saltwater fishing license, being insulin dependent or an organ donor). The new license is…

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New Tennessee Driver’s License Aims to Combat Underage Drinking

In an effort to curb underage drinking, Tennessee has issued a new driver’s license for vehicle operators under the age of 21 that will be oriented vertically instead of the horizontal orientation that drivers of legal drinking age currently carry. The new cards will be disseminated by July 2018, and licenses of current license-holders of…

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Washington DC Changes License Wording to Reduce Confusion

Washington D.C. drivers are about to see a new name on their licenses, and it’s not their own. According to the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, licenses in D.C. will be changing from saying “District of Columbia” to “Washington D.C.” across the top starting in June. The “District of Columbia” wording has been proving confusing…

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New Hampshire Gets New, Redesigned Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards

As of January 2, 2017, New Hampshire residents are enjoying newly redesigned driver’s licenses and ID cards, sporting both a new aesthetic and more secure features. Among some of the new attributes of the New Hampshire ID cards– a more colorful background, and depictions of iconic New Hampshire symbols including the purple lilac, a profile…

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Arkansas Drivers Get More Secure License Design

Arkansas is the latest state in the queue to upgrade their driver’s license to a new, more secure design that metaphorically puts Arkansas drivers back in the driver’s seat regarding their identity protection. This design upgrade is in response to the federal REAL ID Act, a government-issued initiative focused on specific, strict guidelines for ID…

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Mississippi Drivers Get New License Design and Secure Renewal Process 5 Years in the Making

Mississippi residents will experience the biggest overhaul in MS driver’s license history as the Mississippi Department of Public Safety has begun rolling out a new driver’s license design, culminating an overhaul 5 years in the making. Motorists who renew or are ordering a duplicate license (online and in-person at renewal kiosks) will enjoy the benefits of…

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