The AgeVisor Touch is the most advanced ID Scanner on the market!

The AgeVisor Touch easily reads, records and calculates age for IDs from all 50 states, Canada, and Military IDs.

Due Diligence on Handheld ID Scanner

Tokenworks' IDVisor Pro Makes ID Verification Easy

See how our top-selling, automated age verification solution, the IDVisor Pro, makes it easy for retailers to prevent minors from purchasing tobacco and alcohol. At only 1.2 inches thick, IDVIsor Pro's military-grade durability combined with a point-and-shoot scanner put due diligence in the palm of your hand.

Our Customers Include

IDWedgeBT Fills a Web Form on iPhone

Applications: Mobile POS, Survey, Age Verification, CRM

See the IDWedgeBT easily pair with a iPhone 5 and quickly populate a webpage form with information from a driver's license.